Who Are We?

Denver Relief is a medical & recreational cannabis center located at 1 Broadway in the heart of Denver, Colorado. We were founded on the principle that a healthier approach to personal wellness management exists than what conventional medicine has dictated historically.

We have successfully assisted thousands of patients in reducing or entirely eliminating their dependency on synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, which they had been accustomed to taking to treat a myriad of debilitating conditions. By finding the most appropriate way to medicate with cannabis, promoting healthy ingestion habits and encouraging healthy lifestyles, we at Denver Relief have been vital partners in improving the quality of life for our patients since 2009.


Our Mission

Denver Relief is a tenured group of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis experience to medical patients and adults 21 years of age and older. We are passionate Denver citizens that strive to enhance the lives of our patients and customers while changing the perception of cannabis as a safe recreational substance and a viable, safe medicine for an array of conditions. Denver Relief is an active member of the community through social action and philanthropy because we understand that we cannot succeed unless our neighbors do too.

Our Dispensary

Founding Team

Our Awesome Staff