Denver Relief’s BIO-DIESEL strain wins Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup

December 11, 2009

(Denver, CO 12/4/09) Bio-Diesel, a medical marijuana strain cultivated by Denver Relief, a full-service medical marijuana dispensary, was awarded the top prize at the Second Annual Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup, an event held each year to raise money for non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of medical marijuana support.

“We’re so honored by this recognition,” said Adam Johnson, co-owner of Denver Relief, and proud parent of the Bio-Diesel strain. “Our medicine was judged on medical effect, appearance, taste, aroma, potency and smoothness. The strain finished first in five out of six categories, second place in the sixth category, and won the overall award in a landslide. Our hard work has paid off.”

Bio-Diesel is Denver Relief’s prized strain, and is widely considered “The All-Encompassing Medicine.” The strain is extremely potent and pungent, with a noticeable essence of whole-bean coffee.

“Because the strain is so potent, patients can consume less of it to ease chronic pain and other ailments,” said Ean Seeb, who, along with Johnson and Kayvan S.T. Khalatbari, is a caregiver and co-owner of Denver Relief. “That’s a true benefit to our client base.”

“The Harvest Cup is a private fundraiser thrown for non-profit organizations in the state,” said Gregory Stinson, president of Front Range NORML and a co-founder of the competition. “The event itself is held to build community and to raise funds to support medical marijuana in the state.”

This is the second year of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup. More than 250 people were in attendance at the event, held at the Mishawaka Amphitheater, outside of Fort Collins, on Nov. 21. Bio-Diesel was among 20 strains in contention for recognition, with 28 judges assessing entries over a two-week period. Funds raised by the event went to this year’s beneficiary, Sensible Colorado, a non-profit organization dedicated to “an effective drug policy.”

“We had judges from all over the state who tried the medicine and graded the medicine,” added Stinson. “After a win like this, everybody wants to know your name.”

For more information about Bio-Diesel or Denver Relief’s philosophy, services and products, please contact Ean or Kayvan at Denver Relief, 303.420.MEDS.

About Denver Relief
A full-service dispensary, Denver Relief ( provides the highest quality medical marijuana, hash, tinctures and edibles available in the Denver metro area. The firm offers free medical evaluations to determine qualification to be a medical marijuana patient in the state of Colorado, and partners with several merchants that specialize in alternative healing, from yoga, acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic work, to Ayurvedic foods workshops, abuse counseling, holistic healing and more. Currently, a delivery-only service, the company will be opening a brick and mortar dispensary at 1 Broadway in Denver by the end of the year.

For more news and results from the Second Annual Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup you can visit their website –

Ean Seeb, Kayvan Khalatbari, and Adam Johnson
Denver Relief


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