Westword #WebAwards 2012: A Social Media Retrospective

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“Thank you, thank you. It’s a pleasure just to be nominated.”

Thanks to all of our amazing patients, fans in the community, and the benevolent media overlords at Westword, we’ve been invited back to the #WebAwards for a second straight year. After failing to take home the hardware (or novelty sized sunglasses, as the case was) in 2011, we’re proud to have a chance at redemption in the “Best Activist or Advocate Blog” and Best Marijuana Dispensary or Activist on Social Media” categories. We could say it was a hard road back, but we’ve had a blast over the past year and the proof is in our posts. Here’s a look back at some of your favorites since the last nomination:

Best of 2012

Medical Marijuana Goes Viral

medical marijuana john hickenlooper ean seeb cheetos goldfishIn his first response to the passage of Amendment 64, Governor John Hickenlooper now famously said “federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don’t break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly.” Ean suspected he’d run into the Governor at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum fundraising event and packed some snacks accordingly. Hick was a good sport and willingly posed for the photo, although calls from his office weren’t returned when it hit press. The result: one of the best post-64 pictures on the web and an instant meme.

Original post: “As Denver Relief Consulting gets serious about helping those in other states pursue responsible medical marijuana operations, Ean poses with Governor Hickenlooper, along with two of the Gov’s favorite snack foods, in a lighthearted moment.”

Fan reaction: 18 likes, 1 comment, and counting.

Coverage: HuffPost, Westword, CS Independent

Meet The Press

steve kroft medical marijuana 60 minutes

It was a big year in the media for Denver Relief, and fans were as excited as we were to see who would be coming through the door next. When “60 Minutes” reached out to us, we knew it would be huge, as they are one of the largest national media outlets to stop by. In the end, they featured footage of both Ean and Kayvan talking to Steve Kroft, and the feedback we received from patients made it 100% worthwhile.

Original post: “Yesterday was a crazy day at Denver Relief. Look for us on 60 Minutes sometime in the fall!”

Fan reaction: 110 likes, 11 shares, 15 comments

Rub Some Dirt On It

Harvest at Ekar Farms by Medical Marijuana volunteers.Over the summer, Denver Relief and the Green Team volunteered with the awesome folks over at Natural Remedies to help Ekar Farms and Jewish families in need. Turnout seemed to get better and better each time, and there’s nothing like a good harvest to get everyone excited. This post shows what a little hard work can do, highlighting the 500 plus pounds of veggies harvested over the day. Great work, crew!

Original post: “Thank you so much to the Green Team and our friends at Natural Remedies, we harvested over 500 pounds of organic squash, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, beets, turnips, peas and garlic at EKAR: Jewish Urban Farm and Garden this morning. All of it will be donated the Weinberg Food Pantry.”

Fan reaction: 15 likes, 2 comments, 4 shares.

Not Here To Judge

Invariably, medical marijuana and politics cross paths. When Judge Jim Gray, VP candidate running alongside Gary Johnson, stopped by, we were all ears as he talked about the failure of the U.S. war on drugs. The original post, however, says it all.

Original post: “Gary Johnson‘s vice presidential candidate, Judge Jim Gray stopped by Denver Relief today with his team for a tour and to chat about the path forward for marijuana as a medicine and recreational drug in America. Regardless of your political preference, there is no denying that Governor Johnson and Judge Gray are the most pro-marijuana folks on the ballot this November. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have the discussion, so read up on the candidates about the issues that matter to you. Be informed and be active.”

Fan Reaction: 23 likes, 5 comments, 4 shares.

The “Jumping Bean On The Floor” Award Goes To:

The Hemp Connoisseur AwardsThere are several simple rules for accepting an award. Be gracious, especially if you win two 1st place awards and one second place award. Thank the little guys. Look directly at the camera, not the jumping bean on the floor. Or something.

Original post: “Denver Relief with jes wedelMike ChaconKayvan KhalatbariAndy BettsNick HiceBianca Moreno and Grant Saucier.”

Fan reaction: 30 likes, 9 comments.

Punniest One-liner

Most MMCs would have gone with the obvious “baked” reference, but we took the high road on this one. Oh man, we’re on fire with these. Should probably stop before this goes to pot.

Original post: “We are so sconed!”

Fan reaction: 29 likes, 3 comments

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

High Times is known for many things, including their annual cannabis cup, but hard hitting science isn’t typically at the top of that list. When they set out to find the strongest MMJ strains available, there were skeptics. In the end, they fell in love with our Bio Diesel – or at least the test results. A whopping 21.63% THC put one of our favorites among the best in the nation.

Original post: “As much as we’re honored, we’re not surprised. We’ve known since the day we opened our doors that our Bio-Diesel was special. Now the rest of the world does, too!”

Fan reaction: 25 likes, 3 comments

KindReviews.com Best Flower Photo:

Q3 narrowly edged out Flo (and a great tagline, “Go with the Flo”) for most popular flowers on our page. This close up captures the trichome heads perfectly and, let’s face it: Everyone loves purps, no matter how much is in there.

Original post: “Today brings the return of Super Lemon Haze, Gumbo, Flo and Q3 (pictured). Don’t forget, it’s Super Tuesday – your first 1/8 is weighed to a whopping 4.2g.”

Fan reaction: 16 likes, 2 comments, 1 share

KindReviews.com Best Extract Photo:

This is a shot so tremendously cool that several people had no clue what it even was. Congrats to the Bio Jesus Sub Critical Extract, winner by a landslide.

Original post: “Suppose Bio-Diesel and Gumbo had a baby. And suppose that baby grew up to be a beautiful girl. And suppose that girl was broken down into a beautiful, blonde Sub Critical Extract. She’s here! We call her Bio-Jesus. Today and tomorrow during Wax Weekend, your first gram of this lovely lady (or any other flavor) is 50% off!”

Fan reaction: 26 likes, 6 comments

Kickin’ it Old School

Sometimes digging through the albums uncovers an old gem, as we found out when the guys turned back time and busted out some flava. Also nominated: any picture of Ean’s mustache.

Original post: “Looking back at old photos in the Denver Relief albums. Ya’ll remember this one? Come See Andy, Bianca and Ean today! We’re here till 7.”

#WebAwards 2012

Wish us luck as we once again go for the W at the #WebAwards, and hopefully we’ll have some fun pictures like this last one (taken at the 2011 awards) to share next week.

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