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We’ve crunched the numbers and the data is in… these are our top selling medical marijuana strains and edibles from 2012! While there were some new products and plants that definitely gained steam over the year, we feel these lists are a solid representation of what you, the patients, loved from Denver Relief. Here’s the breakdown:


5. Gaia’s Garden Lozenges

Gaia’s Garden has been around since 2009, mixing colorful packaging with consistent strength. Feel like getting fired up without actually “firing up”? Try the always hot Cinnamon. For a more mellow medible, try relaxing with the mixed fruit. With nine per package, you’re usually getting a little more than 10mg per dose, perfect for taking the edge off. ($10 member, $11 non)


4.  Green Cross Colorado 151mg CannaPunch OMG Bold

Whew, that’s a mouthful! Our second strongest medicated beverage packs a serious punch at 151mg, making this great for patients that need a little in the morning, a little in the evening, and a little at supper time. Made from Denver Relief’s own crops, these strain specific drinks were a hit from the moment they were released, and are available in Blue Raspberry and Pineapple Mango. Patients suffering from G.I. ailments such as Chron’s Disease and I.B.S. have found these particularly effective. ($18 member, $20 non)


3. MarQaha Take Flight Mist

As the infused product industry continues to flourish, few have distinguished themselves like MarQaha, and it’s not just the memorable name. Branching out into strain specific products, they offer a sativa, indica, and blend line of oral sprays that are both discreet and potent. Taken sublingually, or under the tongue, the effects take hold much faster, eliminating the “lag time” that some patients experience after ingestion. Try them in Qola, Nillaberry, or Mellow Mint. ($25 member, $30 non)


2. Denver Relief CannaBits

Oh CannaBits, how we miss you. Even though production halted on these fan favorite, they still land at the #2 spot. Why? The CannaBits were the perfect combination of strength and consistency, which is what you can expect when they’re infused with Denver Relief medicine. To this day, they remain our #1 most requested product.


1. Gaia’s Garden Karma Kandies

Gaia’s lands two edibles in the top 5 – an impressive feat – and this wasn’t even close. You could point to the multitude of flavors – chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, sour apple, sour strawberry, and sour grape – or the fact that they’re dang tasty. Whatever it is, we have more bulk purchases of Karma Kandies than any other product by far. Maybe we should put every edible in their own jar? ($9 member, $10 non)


5. Sour Diesel

One of only two sativas on the top five, this classic diesel variety is known for its pungent aroma and light, nearly pink hairs jutting out from behind bulbous calyxes. Energetic and creative, there’s a noticeable effect on the mind and body. We often refer to this clone only strain as the “extreme sport” version of cannabis. Take that, X-Games!


4. Bio-Jesus

It was a miracle! We thought we had lost Gumbo, but it soon returned and produced this accidental cross, “resurrecting” the line by pollinating a Bio-Diesel plant. The result was our fourth most popular strain last year, Bio-Jesus. A strong indica, it takes all the sweetness of the Gumbo and combines it with the brute strength of Bio-D. Our patients regularly use Bio-Jesus to get sleep without waking up to an ache or pain.


3. Blue Dream

If Bio-Jesus was a Tylenol PM, Blue Dream would be a Five Hour Energy drink. Great for going for a jog or just cleaning the house, this is a sativa that combines a great head effect with an active body buzz. The creamy blueberry flavor makes this strain a favorite of patients that choose to vaporize. In short, it’s dreamy.


2. Bio-Diesel

Winner of the 2009 Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup, the legend continues. We’ve recently started letting the Bio-Diesel go a little longer in the garden to get back all of the potency and flavor it’s always been known for, but even the 70 day variety remained at the top of patients’ shopping lists. Feel free to celebrate with one of our stylish new Grassroots hats.


1. Ultimate ’91 ChemDawg

Indica fans rejoiced over this combo of ’91 Chem and Chem D, crowned the “Best Hybrid” at The Hemp Connoisseur Championship, along with the “Strongest Tested” award in the category. This smoke has all of the sour, chemmy taste associated with the lineage and is surprisingly fast acting. It’s hard to imagine anything taking over the top spot in 2013, as yield and popularity look to keep Ultimate ’91 ChemDawg #1.

Strains that could crack the top 5 next year

L.A. OG: a strong OG cut that always sells out in days.

Gumbo: maybe 2012 just wasn’t its year? Always a patient favorite.

Tahoe OG: one of our densest strains with tremendous resin production.

Reserva Privada: winner of the THCC award for “Best Indica”.

Lemon Diesel: nothing on the shelf can match the flavor of the Lemon D.

Golden Goat: our newest furry sativa friend, great effect in the head.

Did your favorite strain not make the list? Have a prediction for the top strain in 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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