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Beating the Heat: Tips for Cannabis Cultivation During the Summer

Written by admin | 1:02 pm on May 31, 2013

Last year, Colorado’s record high temperatures  caused some serious issues for home and commercial growers alike. We caught up with Denver Relief cultivation expert Nick Hice to talk about what happened last summer and how you can prepare for the one coming up. Here are his tips:

  • “One thing that growers do and that can help is adding more insulation to your room, whether it’s roof insulation or insulation that you blow in the walls. It really helps to buffer that outside temperature.”
  • “Another thing is having over-sized mechanical systems, because as temps go up outside, it creates a higher demand on them. If we crank the AC lower than 70 degrees, it’s more likely that the copper lines that are condensing that refrigerant are going to freeze up on us.”
  • “Last year, we ended up turning lights off to keep the environment that we wanted. Let’s say you have 50 lights on in your flower room, it would be better to turn 10 of them off and have 40 lights on with optimal temperature. A lot of people are talking about staggered lighting, where you have half of your lights on one timer and the other half on another. They found that you’re only getting 10-15% crop loss with 50% of the light. Having the ambient light is enough to keep photosynthesis going.”
  • “The other thing that people can do without putting any money or real energy into it is water twice as much with half of the nutrients. Plus, use colder water. If you go in and water with 60 degree water instead of 65 or 70 degree water, then it’s cooling the plant down from the roots up. As the water starts to travel up through the vascular system, that cool water really helps.”
  • “What you want to keep in mind is because you’re watering twice as often, and because the plant in hot weather is like an athlete slamming a Gatorade, you want to cut the nutrient strength in half. Otherwise, you’ll end up burning the plant.”

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    I’ve always felt THE most important rule for successful indoor growing during warmer times of the year(throughout the year actually) is proper airflow-that is you must provide continuous airflow into and out of the grow room.

    Comment by patti payne — December 17, 2013 @ 7:26 pm

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