Congratulations, you’ve applied to be a medical marijuana patient in Colorado!

New Patients

The State of Colorado allows new patients to use temporary paperwork in the 35 days following submittal to accommodate patients in dire need of medicine.

This paperwork can ONLY be used from 8a-5p Monday-Friday as we need to verify that it has not been rejected by the CDPHE and they will only allow this during their normal business hours.

To use temporary paperwork to purchase medicine, there are some rules that you must abide by to protect yourself and the medical marijuana center where you shop.

The state requires that we check to ensure that patients using temporary paperwork have not been rejected.

The following items together may constitute a temporary license and must be with you for every visit:

1. Proof of Submission | Certified Mail Receipt | Not to be older than 35 days

  • The application must be submitted via certified mail, and you must retain the certified mail receipt, not the return receipt, as proof you have submitted your application to the state.

2. Doctor’s Recommendation signed within 60 days of the date of submission

3. Application | Completed without error, signed and notarized.


Renewal Patients

We cannot accept temporary paperwork from renewing patients even if they have let their red card expire.

The state allows patients to renew 60 days before their license expires. As such, they expect patients who do not wish to have a lapse in their license to renew with ample time for processing. We are regretful if this law causes you inconvenience or hardship, but we are bound by the code set forth by the State of Colorado.

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, feel free to call us 303.420.MEDS.