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Looking to find O-Pen Vape pens and cartridges in Denver?

Written by admin | 6:01 pm on February 22, 2013

O-Pen Vape medical marijuana cartridges available at Denver ReliefDenver Relief has the O.Pen Vape in stock now, one of the hottest medical marijuana vaporizing products in Colorado. Patients have been raving about the 250 and 500mg cartridges that contain strain specific CO2 honey oil.

Vaporizing is one of the safest ways to consumed medical cannabis and is highly recommended for patients that cannot or would prefer not to smoke. It also saves on the hassle of breaking up raw flower and putting it in a larger vaporizing unit, which can product mess and waste money.

Additionally, patients prefer the O-Pen Vape to edibles because it gives them fast-acting relief. Infused products can have a “lag” before taking effect, making them less practical for patients who deal with issues like seizures or migraines and need a quick delivery of medicine without smoking. With no buttons to push, a patient can simply put the O-Pen to their lips and draw for up to eight seconds to get a dose of medicine.

Stop in and ask about our buy two cartridge, get one pen free deal!

As with any item, O-Pen vapes are subject to availability, so feel free to call ahead. 303.420.MEDS.

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