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KETV - 11/21/13

Andy discusses medical marijuana and the transition to a recreational market with KETV.

HCLU - 11/19/13

Andy talks to the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union about the different options for patients in Colorado, including a variety of ingestion methods.

WGN Chicago - 11/15/13

Kayvan breaks down what a Colorado medical marijuana center looks like for a reporter from Illinois, where MMJ is soon to be a reality.

The Guardian - 10/30/13

The Guardian looks at LED lighting technology and how it can be applied to medical marijuana.

Business Insider - 9/25/13

"The True Story Of The Great Marijuana Crash Of 2011" looks at the industry side of the MMJ market and how it has evolved.

The American Prospect - 9/24/13

Ean discusses frustrations regarding basic financial services and tax issues.

Business Insider - 9/11/13

On the heels of big news regarding banking, Kayvan talks about a frustrating sequence of events with his own bank.

MSN Money - 9/04/13

Banks are scared to work with MMJ businesses, and Kayvan explains why.

Al-Jazeera America - 9/03/13

Andy is profiled in this look at various professions within the medical marijuana industry.

CBS 4 - 8/29/13

Kayvan comments on the language used as the federal government announces it won't sue to stop recreational use in Colorado.

Business Insider - 8/27/13

Part three of the Business Insider piece lists the 29 tips for growing "the best marijuana in America".

Business Insider - 8/14/13

Part two of the Business Insider piece takes you seed to sale at Denver Relief. - 8/08/13

E15 travels to the U.S. to see a working medical marijuana dispensary.(Note: This article is in Czech)

Business Insider - 6/25/13

"How To Sell Marijuana In America" focuses on the story of Denver Relief as told by Kayvan and the evolution of the business.

Vice - 6/4/13
Vice interviews MMJ experts Nick Hice, Kayvan Khalatbari, and Ean Seeb.

Chicago Tribune - 5/26/13 - YouTube Video
The Chicago Tribune interviews Ean and Kayvan about initial license fees, packaging requirements, the burgeoning market for e-cigarettes and edibles, and what medical marijuana looks like across the county.(Sign-up required)

The Guardian - 5/17/13
Ean and Kayvan discuss how Denver Relief became such a success, with The Guardian profiling the dispensary and grow facility.

HuffPost Live - 5/15/13
Kayvan joins HuffPost live to talk about the spread of legal marijuana, not just for medical purposes.

The Wall Street Journal - 4/22/13
Branding and copyrighting issues effect even the MMJ industry, as Ean discusses here.

The Denver Post - 4/20/13
The Denver Post profiles the GREEN TEAM's efforts to clean-up on 4/20.

GQ - 4/1/13
GQ's critical shopper stops by Denver Relief, which William Breathes (Westword marijuana critic) calls one of the best shops in Colorado.

Albany Tribune - 3/19/13
Andy talks with the Albany Tribute about how busy Denver Relief Consulting has been since the passage of 64 and realistic expectations for new business owners.

WBUR - 3/16/13
NPR in Boston quotes Ean on some of the risks associated with operating a medical marijuana center.

The Boston Globe - 3/7/13
The Boston Globe's front page featured Kayvan talking about consulting opportunities in Massachusetts.

CNN Money - 2/25/13
CNN Money covers the large tax bills faced by medical marijuana businesses, featuring an interview with Kayvan.

CBS 4 - 2/12/13
Denver's CBS 4 talks about stronger medical marijuana entering the marketplace and Nick talks about why that's beneficial to patients.

L.A. Times - 1/26/13
In this L.A. Times profile, Ean talks about the consulting side of Denver Relief and how we're assisting new businesses.

New York Times - 1/14/13
The New York Times gives a shout-out to Denver Relief's Durban Poison.

Time - 1/8/13
Time Business & Money quotes Kayvan about production needs for Washington.

The Seattle Times - 1/5/13
A tour of Denver Relief's cultivation facility is the focus of this Seattle Times piece.

MSN Money - 12/18/12
Kayvan talks to MSN Money about common problems that MMJ entrepreneurs face.

AM with Tony Eastley - 12/7/12
AM interviews Kayvan about how and when retail distribution may start in Colorado.

La Presse - 11/19/12
Canadian paper La Presse talks about Amendment 64's ramifications with Ean.(Note: this article is in French)

Radiozurnal - 12/5/12
Ean talks about medical marijuana with Radiozurnal(Note: this article is in Czech).

Westword - 11/27/12
Kayvan talks about opening a new Sexy Pizza and how they're helping fight the drug war.

INC - 11/19/12
Kayvan discusses the difficulties of being a first mover and talks potential businesses with the passage of 64.

CBS Sunday Morning - 11/18/12
Kayvan talks about the emerging market for edible marijuana treats.

Denver Westword - 11/13/12
Ean poses with Governor Hickenlooper, discusses the need for serious talks after passsage of Amendment 64.

Westword - 11/12/2012
Denver Relief is nominated for two Westword #WebAwards.

The Guardian - 11/11/12
Ean and Kayvan discuss the medical marijuana market with the UK's own Guardian.

AM de Queretaro - 10/15/2012
Kayvan speaks with the Mexican daily where he likens marijuana to fine wine. (Note: This article is in Spanish)

Jyllands-Posten - 10/14/2012
Ean speaks with the Danish paper about the prospects of legalizing marijuna during the November vote. (Note: This article is in Dutch)

CNBC - 08/23/2012
Kayvan discusses the difficulties of operating in an industry without the ability to maintain a bank account.

Los Angeles Times - 02/17/2012
Ean is interviewed and re-visits Denver Relief's blind testing of Colorado medical marijuana test labs in 2010.

Medical Marijuana Business Daily - 02/03/2012
Kayvan is featured in the new new report published by MMJ Business Daily highlighting the success of Denver Relief and 6 other MMCs around the country.

Denver Post Lifestyle - 11/17/2011
Denver Post's Bill Husted grills Ean about the medical marijuana business, his Jewish non-profit organization, and probes into the facets of his personality.

Tablet Magazine - 11/15/2011
Ean is featured in an article about his work with the Jewish community and recounts his experiences of activism and growth in the marijuana movement as co-owner of Denver Relief.

Westword Web Awards - 11/9/2011
Denver Relief is nominated for two of Westword Magazine's Web Awards in categories 'Best Activist Blogger' and 'Best Use of Social Media by a Medical Marijuana Center or Activist'.

Delaware Online | The News Journal - 9/3/2011
Kayvan is cited in a detailed article about the status of the medical marijuana movement around the United States as it relates to Delaware's recently passed medical marijuana program. See page 5 for Kayvan's comments on the Colorado market, marijuana banking, and a medical marijuana credit union.

Dispensary Business News - 8/17/2011
The success of the medical marijuana industry largely depends on the way it presents itself to the public. Chris Walsh from Dispensary Business News agrees and uses Denver Relief as an example of what cannabis professionalism looks like.

Westword's Latest Word - 6/17/2011
Denver Relief's Creative Director Chris Meyer is featured in an article by Westword's Michael Roberts about the difficulties caused by the present marijuana price war in conjunction with approaching medical marijuana regulation.

Weed Maps TV - 6/2011
Gil comes to the Denver 4/20 Rally in Civic Center Park. See the Denver Relief GREEN TEAM in action! Ean shows Gil the pile of garbage that the GREEN TEAM collected. Sites and sounds from the rally.

Weed Maps TV - 6/2011
Gil and Tang from Weedmaps visit Sexy Pizza, owned by Denver Relief owner Kayvan. What is better than sharing great pizza and Denver's best medicine with friends! Sexy Pizza donates a a portion of the revenue earned by pizzas named in honor of marijuana advocacy groups.

Westword's Latest Word - 5/11/2011
Westword's William Breathes mentions Denver Relief's effort to verify the legitimacy of test-results from labs around the state specializing in giving the cannabinoid content of Colorado medical marijuana.

Dispensary Business News - 5/6/2011
Denver Relief is lauded as an example of what to do as a medical marijuana center when medicine runs low. Focus on your members.

Boulder Daily Camera - 4/20/2011
Kayvan is quoted in an article about groups cleaning up litter after 4/20 rallies in the Greater Denver Area. The Denver Relief GREEN TEAM was at Civic Center Park in Denver picking up litter.

Denver Post - 4/18/2011
Ean is interviewed in an article about the difficulty of drawing meaningful conclusions from the varied lab results from testing marijuana.

Toke of the Town - Westword Magazine - 4/12/2011
Denver Relief's Creative Director Chris Meyer is quoted advocating that the opinion that the MMJ industry should focus on a cleaner image in an article about the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup held April 2nd and 3rd.

Find My - 4/4/2011
Denver Relief is praised as an example of internet marketing best-practices in the medical marijuana industry by Jack Pot, editor of

AZ Family - Channel 3 Phoenix, AZ - 2/8/2011
Ean is interviewed in a news story debunking the myth that medical marijuana is easy money.

Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division Hearing - 1/29/2011
Ean speaks up at the hearing to advocate for the future of medical marijuana centers in Colorado. He speaks 15:56 minutes into the video.

BBC News - 7/14/2010
The British Broadcasting Corporation offers a good synopsis of the Medical Marijuana Industry in Colorado and does a profile of one of Denver Relief's patients. What follows is a discussion of the future of the medical marijuana industry showcasing a Boulder medical marijuana center.

Mile High Magazine - 6/2010
A good introduction to a program being implemented to assist indigent patients. Kayvan is on the Board of Directors. Look for more to come from this organization.

The Huffington Post - 5/19/2010
Headline: "Betsy Markey Should Recognize Colorado's Medical Marijuana Industry" Kayvan comments on Betsy Markey's sponsorship for a resolution recognizing the craft beer industry.

Christian Science Monitor - 4/20/2010
Headline: "A New 420 Meaning: Time for Pro-Marijuana Forces to get Serious" Kayvan gives a nice quote.

Westword's Latest Word- 4/20/2010
Headline: "4/20's Top Ten Trademark Violations" A Member of the Green Team shows his colors at the 4/20 Rally.

Huffington Post - 3/29/10
Kayvan comments on California's proposed legalization of marijuana and Colorado's prospects in the future.

Cannabis Culture Magazine - 3/26/2010
Headline: "Mile High Madness" Subcool of TGA Seeds designates Denver Relief as his Denver "shop of choice".

Wall Street Journal - 3/19/10
Denver Relief is featured in slide number 8.

9News Story - 1/27/2010
A rally concerning legislation. Look for Denver Relief Owners and Budtenders in the crowd!

Brain Bloom Blog - 1/20/10
Scroll down to find a nice review of Denver Relief.

Westword - Top Medicine: Blog Post - 12/8/2009
A Summary of some of the contests around the State

Most Hi Magazine - 12/4/2009
Headline: Denver Relief's "Bio-Diesel" Wins Colorado's Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup

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Denver Relief Blog

An Update on Recreational Sales

January 1st is fast approaching, with many medical marijuana centers clamoring to be ready for recreational sales. Like past licensing situations, it’s an arduous application process that Denver Relief has begun. We’re in line. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’ll be selling for adult-use come New Years Day. We’ll be continuing to adapt our current [...] Continue reading An Update on Recreational Sales

Federal Raids: Denver Relief’s Response

Amendment 64 passed last November and many in the medical marijuana industry breathed a sigh of relief. What had once been highly controversial – dispensaries in Colorado – was now the norm, with voters overwhelmingly approving the use of cannabis for adults over the age of 21. This came with one caveat: what would be [...] Continue reading Federal Raids: Denver Relief’s Response

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USF Hosts Statewide Florida NORML Conference

Tampa, FL – On Sunday April 13th, people came from all parts of the sunshine state to the to attend the first statewide Florida NORML conference at the University of South Florida.   While the most  critical topic of the day was Question 2 (Florida’s medical marijuana ballot initiative) to be voted on in the November election, there was also a diverse range of information presented by conference speakers such as student rights on campus, organizing and social media outreach. Panelists consisted of a group of nationally recognized advocates and some of […]

Neuropsychological Deficits: Fact and Artifact About Marijuana Tests

By Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D State University of New York at Albany Chair, NORML board of directors A new study claims to show small deficits on neuropsychological tests in college students who started smoking marijuana early in life. It might get a lot of press. Prohibitionists love to bang the drum of marijuana-related cognitive deficits, so I’d like NORMLites to know how to make sense of this sort of research. The recurring themes in this literature involve several alternative explanations that never seem to dawn on journalists. These results often arise […]

Denver Post: News: Marijuana

Athletes and Pot: Legalized marijuana in a league of its own

It was the morning of a 2010 playoff game, and one of the Nuggets had just smoked some nuggets.

Acceptance of pot grows like weeds in sports world

Anyone who's ever ridden a double chair or skied up on one of hundreds of lean-to "smoke shacks" in ski area trees knows that marijuana and skiing, and snowboarding, are inextricably linked.

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Are Baby Boomers Ready To Give MJ a Second Chance?

Are aging baby boomers ready to rekindle a long-ago love affair with marijuana? That is a weighty question for cultural anthropologists and cool-eyed business analysts alike as the once celebrated, later maligned, but explicitly contraband cannabis plant goes legit — for the first time in nearly 80 years — in a new era of medical [...]

What Perfect Marijuana High Would Feel Like

Marijuana users really enjoy strong weed, but would prefer that it came without paranoia, memory loss and impaired ability to function. That’s according to a new report from the Global Drug Survey in partnership with The Huffington Post, which anonymously surveyed more than 38,000 users around the globe. All marijuana is not created equal. Effects [...]


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