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Medical Cannabis Concentrates | Topicals

Hashish, also known as Hash, comes in many forms, but all hash products are created using an extraction method that concentrates the cannabinoids present in medical marijuana. For this reason, a small amount of hash goes a long way. Thus, hash is an economical alternative to other methods of medicating with cannabis. Hash may be used in conjunction with flower material or on its own. It can be vaporized, smoked, or cooked into edibles

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Water Extracted Hash
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Subcritical Extraction
Bubble Hash

Water Extracted Hash

Extracted with only ice and water.

Hashish is made from the glandular hairs on medical cannabis known as trichomes, as well as varying amounts of cannabis flower and leaf fragments. Extracted using only water and ice, bubble hash is completely free of solvents. We carry several varieties made from strains that we carry in house.

Earwax bho hash dispensary denver colorado

Subcritical Butane Extraction

Up to 90% THC content

This concentrate is a flavorful wax extracted from medicinal marijuana. Very potent and very pure, this extraction is the connoisseur's choice. The unique quality of each strain remains in the concentrate bringing with it very pleasurable flavors that fill the mouth. A small amount goes a long way making subcritical extractions a great value as well.

Marijuana Lotion | Cannabis Topical

Dixie Botanicals Salve

Topical Pain Relief Lotion

From Dixie Botanicals comes a powerfully effective topical cream infused with high quality cannabis. Cannabinoids absorbed through the skin work to reduce inflammation and relieve pain without psychoactive side-effects. Perfect for joint and muscle pain, arthritis, bruises, and contusions.

Marijuana Lotion | Cannabis Bath Salts

Dixie Bath Salts

Topical Pain Relief Soak

From Dixie Botanicals comes an effective bath salt soak infused with high quality cannabis. Cannabinoids absorbed through the skin work to reduce inflammation and relieve pain without psychoactive side-effects. Perfect for joint and muscle pain, arthritis, bruises, and contusions.

News and Commentary from the MMJ Movement

Denver Relief Blog

An Update on Recreational Sales

January 1st is fast approaching, with many medical marijuana centers clamoring to be ready for recreational sales. Like past licensing situations, it’s an arduous application process that Denver Relief has begun. We’re in line. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’ll be selling for adult-use come New Years Day. We’ll be continuing to adapt our current [...] Continue reading An Update on Recreational Sales

Federal Raids: Denver Relief’s Response

Amendment 64 passed last November and many in the medical marijuana industry breathed a sigh of relief. What had once been highly controversial – dispensaries in Colorado – was now the norm, with voters overwhelmingly approving the use of cannabis for adults over the age of 21. This came with one caveat: what would be [...] Continue reading Federal Raids: Denver Relief’s Response

NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

Study: Medical Cannabis Laws Not Associated With Increased Use By Adolescents

The enactment of state laws legalizing the physician-recommended use of cannabis therapy is not associated with increased levels of marijuana use by young people, according to data published online in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Investigators concluded, “This study did not find increases in adolescent marijuana use related to legalization of medical marijuana. … This suggests that concerns about ‘sending the wrong message’ may have been overblown. … Our study … may provide some reassurance to policy makers who wish to balance compassion for individuals who have been unable to find relief from conventional medical therapies with the safety and well-being of youth.”

Alaska: Election Officials Postpone Marijuana Legalization Vote To November

Alaska voters will decide this November on a proposed initiative to regulate the production and retail sale of cannabis to adults. If enacted, Alaska will be the third US state to regulate the legal retail production and sale of cannabis to adults.

Denver Post: News: Marijuana

Athletes and Pot: Legalized marijuana in a league of its own

It was the morning of a 2010 playoff game, and one of the Nuggets had just smoked some nuggets.

Acceptance of pot grows like weeds in sports world

Anyone who's ever ridden a double chair or skied up on one of hundreds of lean-to "smoke shacks" in ski area trees knows that marijuana and skiing, and snowboarding, are inextricably linked.

Cannabis News - Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Marijuana News, Cannabis

Marijuana Has Come A Long Way Since Last 4/20

What a difference a year makes. From 4/20, 2013, to 4/20, 2014, marijuana has taken big steps out of the shadows of the black market and into the light of the mainstream — from record high popular support and the first legal recreational sales, to an entire country legalizing marijuana. Here’s a look at the [...]

Study Finds Signs of Brain Changes in Pot Smokers

A small study of casual marijuana smokers has turned up evidence of changes in the brain, a possible sign of trouble ahead, researchers say. The young adults who volunteered for the study were not dependent on pot, nor did they show any marijuana-related problems. “What we think we are seeing here is a very early [...]


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