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Denver Relief Blog

An Update on Recreational Sales

January 1st is fast approaching, with many medical marijuana centers clamoring to be ready for recreational sales. Like past licensing situations, it’s an arduous application process that Denver Relief has begun. We’re in line. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’ll be selling for adult-use come New Years Day. We’ll be continuing to adapt our current [...] Continue reading An Update on Recreational Sales

Federal Raids: Denver Relief’s Response

Amendment 64 passed last November and many in the medical marijuana industry breathed a sigh of relief. What had once been highly controversial – dispensaries in Colorado – was now the norm, with voters overwhelmingly approving the use of cannabis for adults over the age of 21. This came with one caveat: what would be [...] Continue reading Federal Raids: Denver Relief’s Response

NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

Democratic Party of Oregon Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Earlier today, the Democratic Party of Oregon came out in support of Measure 91, which would legalize and regulate the adult use, cultivation, and sale of marijuana in the state. These endorsements were made by a “voting body comprised of the State Central Committee delegates, alternates, and associates.” A measure required a two-thirds vote for or against for the Party to take an official position. In a press release highlighting their supportive position, the Democratic Party of Oregon stated that “a majority of Americans and large majority of Democrats now […]

Scoring Some Weed in the Old Days: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

As I prepared to leave for the Seattle Hempfest, a lovely celebration of all things related to marijuana, I could not help but think about what a wonderful time it is right now for those of us who smoke marijuana. We have the best quality marijuana in the world grown right here in the US, and even in those regions of the country that do not yet offer legal marijuana, the selection of different strains on the black market is outstanding. Of course, in those states with some version of […]

Denver Post: News: Marijuana

Legal pot sales begin amid uncertainty in Colo.

DENVER—A gleaming white Apple store of weed is how Andy Williams sees his new Denver marijuana dispensary.

Denver police won't actively seek pot-smoking scofflaws, chief says

Extra Denver police officers will be on hand to protect patrons of newly legalized recreational pot shops on Wednesday, but they won't be actively looking to arrest them if they light up in public.

Cannabis News - Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Marijuana News, Cannabis

Where The War on Pot Will Go To Die

In some states, there’s an untenable mismatch between the crime and the time, but does anyone think that pot—medical or recreational—will still be illegal in 10 years? Now that a majority of Americans—54% and climbing, according to Pew Research—believe that marijuana should be treated like beer, wine and liquor, it’s time to ask: where does [...]

Feds May Cut Off Water For Legal Marijuana Crops

Some cannabis growers may soon find themselves with a lot less irrigation water if the U.S. government decides to block the use of federal water for state-legal marijuana cultivation. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees management of federal water resources, “is evaluating how the Controlled Substances Act applies in the context of Reclamation project [...]


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